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Skin Nourishing LED Light Therapy Mask©

Are you struggling with troublesome skin? Still on that never-ending quest for the perfect product that will change everything? Here is the solution you’ve been looking for! Whatever the problem is, Our Skin Nourishing LED Facial Mask has the answer! This is the latest breakthrough in skincare, proven to effectively treat a wide range of problematic skin conditions.

How Does It Work?

The Flexible Facial Mask fits comfortably around your face and works using LED light therapy, a procedure that has been very popular in spas everywhere of recent due to its amazing results! Pain free and fast acting, the mask harnesses combinations of penetrating LED light, which works beneath the skins surface, reaching the lower layers to improve circulation whilst boosting oxygen to the skin's cells, effectively delivering both instant and long term results.

The Mask has seven different LED light color settings, each one providing treatment for different skin conditions. From fine lines and loose skin to pigmentation and skin texture, the LED Mask easily takes care of skin ailments all from the comfort of your home.

Why Our LED Light Therapy Mask is Perfect for you:

EASE & CONVENIENCE. The amount of skincare products available today is ENDLESS! Dealing with the many different lotions & creams can be confusing, & certain topical treatments can be damaging to the skin, making problems even worse than before. Finding the right treatments ends up being nerve-wracking. Our LED Light Therapy Mask clears up this issue. Just select the LED light color(s) required to suit your needs, sit back and let the Mask get to work!

SAVES TIME & CUTS COSTS. Rather than repeated spending on face creams and treatments, Our Light Therapy Mask is a one-time investment for a lifetime of healthy, clear skin! No need to keep buying more skincare products. No more throwing money away on expensive procedures. The Mask is built to last and will achieve & maintain healthy skin without breaking the bank.

PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. The LED lights work beneath the skins surface, whereas most traditional skincare methods do not. This makes it challenging to find a treatment for those with sensitive skin. However, the LED Mask can have its energy output adjusted to adapt it to your skin's sensitivity level. Even at maximum output, the Mask is safe and causes no harm or irritation.

With results that have proven to be absolutely astounding, it’s no wonder why LED light therapy is fast becoming the most desired beauty treatment. And with only 10 minutes to complete a treatment, with regular use you can expect visible results in just 4 weeks! Say hello to visibly Enriched skin tone, texture and firmness. This is your Multi-Purpose Skin Solution! Make it the first step of your beauty routine.

Achieving healthy, nourished skin is no longer a tough task. Say hello to visibly Enriched skin tone, texture and firmness. The LED Mask is your MULTI-PURPOSE SKIN SOLUTION that’ll leave you glowing! Make it the first step of your beauty routine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Zara Clocken

Spectacular. It works very well.

Penelope Nitzsche

I got the mask all intact, good packing. Seeing results already! Thank you.

Bob Mueller

saves a lot of money in spa treatments, will definitely recommend the mask.

Regina Marks

This mask got lots of laughs from my husband and daughter as I look pretty crazy with it on!!! But It does work!! Arrived quickly to Ontario Canada too!

Bernard K.

Quality product. Arrived fast and works well.

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