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Multifunctional HandyFan®

This is the must have accessory for the scorching summer!

When weather conditions are hot and dry both indoors and out, you’ll need a personal cooling device to beat the heat.

The HandyFan® is an amazing little device that provides a powerful yet soft wind. Guaranteed to keep you cool in hot and humid conditions. It’s portable and rechargeable, simply charge the fan up and you’re good to go!

The HandyFan® is made of solid ABS material, making it surprisingly durable and incredibly light. Small enough to fit in your bag or your pocket, and with 7 fan blades and 3 different power levels, you’re sure to effortlessly tackle the summer temperatures!

It comes with its own adjustable lanyard attached so you don’t even have to carry it around, you can just enjoy the breeze as a hanging neck fan. It’s folding capability lets you place the fan down and use it as a freestanding mini desk fan. Perfect for use on the go or in a stuffy office.

The Multifunctional components come in the form of its phone holder feature. This allows you to comfortably slip your phone in place, sit back and watch your favourite videos hands free, all while the fan provides a silent and steady airflow of gentle cooling wind.

Additionally, one of its most useful features is the impressive Power Bank function! Running low on battery power is a common problem for us all, but the HandyFan®’s remarkable 3000mAh power capacity takes just 3 hours to get to a full charge and lasts all day long! Providing the perfect solution for those ‘low battery’ emergencies.

Don’t let the season keep you hot and bothered. Stay cool and comfortable with the Multifunctional HandyFan®. Whether you’re out and about, at home with the kids, travelling, camping or stuck in traffic, the HandyFan® is ideal for various situations and suitable for all ages.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

it's super pretty, really good fan power too

Hal Sponner

Used this for standing in lines for roller-coasters at Disney World. Lasted more than a week on one charge. Folded up in my pocket easily. Pretty cool portable fan

Vickie Smith

So far so good

Rogers Herzog

I use it in the office and I can only hear it when I’m close up on it. Even then, it is a very light buzz. When you’re using out and about, you’ll hardly notice any sound. The 3 speeds you can actually feel!!! The battery life is really good. I have needed to use to charge phone yet but I tested to make sure it works, and it does. I recommend it, for real.

Camila Bernhard

The description is accurate, the only problem is that it came hit by transport.

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