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Holographic Holiday Window Projector

Take your Halloween decorations to a whole new level! If you’re looking for a truly Spooktacular way to decorate your home, this is the right way to go. Our Holographic Holiday Projector is all you need to transform your home into the spookiest house around/on the block!

Our Window Projector works using remarkable projection technology to display bright and colorful holiday-themed short video clips. Each clip plays on a loop for just under a minute, then repeats itself. It comes preloaded with 12 short movies (6 Halloween and 6 Christmas) The package includes a projector stand and a translucent projection screen to display the movies.


The projector sets up effortlessly. Its simple setup process lets you get it all up and running without any fuss…or any annoying tangled wires. All you need to do is place the projector indoors by a window, then place the projection screen included at the window, select a movie..and you’re done! Adjust the lens and your selected movie will be displayed to your audience outside the house. No confusing configuration, just plug and play.


It's the perfect solution for decorating your home this season’s occasions. Keep warm and cosy indoors, while entertaining the neighbourhood with high-end Halloween shorts. The kids will love it and the neighbours will be stunned.


✅Simple Setup – The projector is easy to adjust, position and control. All at the touch of a button.

✅Light & Small – The compact size and light weight lets you move it around with ease. You can position the projector from window to window and store it anywhere in your home.

✅Large Projection – The projection screen included is 4ft x 6ft. This ensures an impressive projected display and makes it ideal for any window size.

Order yours today to ensure it arrives before Halloween!


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kat Lowerns

I like this. Videos are built in and you plug and play after hanging the screen (I used painter's tape). It's bascially just as advertised.

Krystal Schulist

I set up the projector secretly and put a good scare into my teenage daughter and her friends when they walked in.

Abe Kub

The videos are clear (once you adjust the focus). The plastic screen was a good fit for the one that I have in the video (the eyeballs) .
I totally recommend this!!!

Christop Lehner

Really good and high quality product

Sadye Von

This projector is amazing so far! It’s compact and has great quality. My nieces and nephews love watching all of the different Halloween effects and I’m hoping to use it for Christmas, too.

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