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Human Skull Mask with Moving Jaw

It’s shocking, it’s funny, it’s frightening! Amaze your friends and complete your Halloween look with our Human Skull Mask. The scary season is here, and now is the time to transform yourself into a walking, talking member of the undead!

The mask is expertly crafted from high-quality latex by professional artists. As well as being incredibly detailed, it’s also resilient and comfortable to wear. The flexibility of its latex material allows the mask to stretch and provide a snug fit, with enough space to see and breath easily, with no issues at all.

What’s most impressive is the masks moving jaw mechanism! Just slip the mask on and you’ll be amazed as the jaw moves at the same time as you speak! This adds an extremely realistic, yet creepy effect.

This distinctive costume is certainly attention-grabbing, and even more terrifying in a darkened room! Put on your Human Skull Mask and give your friends the fright of their life! A must-have for your next Halloween event.


✅Safe to skin – the skull helmet is non-toxic, comfortable and breathable. The soft latex material adapts to your skin without any irritation.

✅Compatible with most sizes – Although the mask can expand to fit your head, the optimal head circumference for an ideal fit is between 58cm-62cm (22in-25in). The maximum head length is 24cm (10in).

✅Realistic & Scary- The artistic detail on this mask is what makes it so frightful, and the movable jaw feature truly makes it one of a kind. Some might think you’re wearing a real skull on your head!

✅Practical – Although very detailed, the mask is not at all delicate. Its latex material is durable and flexible. You can jump, run and fool around without causing any damage to it.

✅Multi-use- Not just for Halloween! The Human Skull Mask is ideal for Cosplaying, costume parties, photoshoots, Carnivals and much more!


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Isla Fisher

Great quality fit my 14 years old pretty well. He could move the jaw as easily maybe as a bigger face or adult could. But definitely a great buy.

Malcolm Steinman

The details of this mask are good. My head is just right, I like the way my mouth moves

Abe Walsor

I like everything except for the smell.
Don’t put it aside after getting your parcel. It perfectly survives washing with soap and it’s possible to breathe after that.

Aleen Eichmann

As you can see, is the quality in considering the price really good! The mouth can move, I was pleasantly surprised.

Norene Hamill

Great mask!!

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