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Gruesome Double Layered Clown Mask

This is a Halloween mask like no other! Guaranteed to cause shock, fear and a lot of real tears! It features 2 gruesome faces. The outer layer is the warped face of an evil clown, complete with wrinkled leather skin, smeared make-up and a twisted grin. Underneath is the terrifying, zombie-like exposed flesh, with gaping wounds, deep cuts and bloody teeth on display.

There are 7 magnets fixed to the sides of the mask. This allows you to rip off and replace the outer layer with ease at any time. The magnets hold firm, so you won’t need to worry about the mask falling off.

The mask itself is a full head covering. Made up of high-quality latex and expertly handcrafted to provide an extremely detailed and gruesome look. This costume is 100 cm high, 100cm wide and designed to fit over your head, neck and chest. This allows you to move more freely without worrying about the mask falling off or slipping out of place. The latex material is soft and surprisingly breathable. It fits snug against your skin and provides optimal comfort during use.

This gory mask is a favourite for horror fans and cosplayers. You’ll be totally unrecognisable wearing it. Order your today and have fun scaring the life out of your friends and family!


✅Complete eye-catcher – you won’t find anyone else in a costume of this calibre. Totally terrifying and unique. Wear it with a wig, a hat or a hoodie for a more personal touch.

✅High quality material – the top-grade latex is skin-friendly, sturdy and stretchy. It fits most adults effortlessly and is designed for rough play. It won’t get damaged easily.

✅Very Detailed – The artwork is so precise, it might even scare you whilst wearing it! The elasticity of the mask lets you control the mouth as your mouth moves too. With these gruesome details you can be sure that all eyes will be on you this Halloween!

Order yours today to ensure it arrives before Halloween!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
A. Wellnick

Mask is snug yet comfortable. I have a beard and with the top part off, my hair sticks through where the mouth is. My family thinks it looks even creepier

Gladys Nite

This has to be one of the scariest masks I 've ever seen! Good quality and definitely does your job. Gonna scare all the kids and some adults on Halloween! I love it!

Garett Crooks

Good one. Great for horror costume or creepy photography. Super gory

Trenton Baretta

Bit small for my head, but its ok. It still does the job

Magdalena Kuhic


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