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‘Skeleton Brain’ Halloween Mask

Get ready to terrify your friends and family with our ‘Skeleton Brain’ Halloween Mask. The spooky season is upon us and this is the perfect costume for the occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party for friends, or cosplaying at a monster’s ball, this mask is sure turn heads and raise eyebrows.

The highly detailed mask/costume looks gruesome but is very comfortable. It’s made up of non-toxic, soft latex material, which is ideal for this type of costume as its safe for your skin. It’s incredibly durable and flexible, which allows it to stretch and easily slip into place with no pinches or irritation.

The mask is designed with comfort and practicality in mind. This means you won’t feel stiff when wearing it. You’ll be able to jump, run and move freely without any friction, as it is tear-resistant and fits neatly over your clothes.


The detailed design is probably what’s most impressive. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie, and the flexibility lets you move the jaw when talking with the mask on. Adding a more realistic touch.

Guaranteed to be great gift for Halloween, costume parties, carnivals or for scaring the life out of your loved ones! Put on your ‘Skeleton Brain’ Mask and start making memorable moments.

Order yours today to ensure it arrives before Halloween!


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Raphaelle Hermannson

bought it for a Halloween costume. The mask is pretty cool

Manny Puig

everything works came quick and wasn't damaged or misleading. Great item.

Raymond Framinn

This mask Is awesome. Fits well. Scares my kids. Well done.

Brain Turcotte

My teenage son got this mask for Halloween. Very sturdy and looks amazing

Lidia Romaguera

Great mask for the cost. My son loved this mask. Thanks!

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